The LinkedIn #OpenToWork Banner: Should you use it?

With the recent controversy around whether you should use the #OpenToWork banner on LinkedIn or not, we thought we’d dive a little deeper into the topic, so you know the ins and outs of using the banner to your advantage and avoid those awkward conversations with your current employer.

If you haven’t already noticed the little green #OpenToWork frame that is appearing around people’s headshots on LinkedIn profiles, it’s time to get to know it before deciding whether to use it yourself or not.

What is the #OpenToWork banner

The LinkedIn #OpenToWork profile feature was rolled out in the summer of 2020. Since then, the banner has been causing a stir for those looking for work. The feature is to help people let employers, recruiters and your network know that you are looking for work. The status can easily be shared with recruiters only or with all LinkedIn members, so members can choose exactly who sees the banner. To access the banner, simply click the “Add new profile section” button to the right of the profile photo and then click “Looking for a new job” in the intro section at the top.

Is using the banner risky?

So, is the banner risky to use? It really does depend. The banner has its benefits and its negatives, however, quite clearly, if you use the banner, you are opening your profile to being viewed as though you are unemployed. It is suggested that the banner may cause some recruiters to discriminate against those who choose to use the frame on their profile. However, this could be far from the truth. In some instances, recruiters have specifically said that this banner on people’s profiles is a huge time saver, as you appear as an actively engaged candidate.

There is, on the other hand, the elephant in the room, when using the banner if you are already currently in employment. This one should be self-explanatory, however, for those who don’t know why it’s risky to use the banner when you’re already in employment, let us elaborate. Implying you’re open to work which could be viewed by connections who are in your workplace, may put you in a sticky position. Your employer is unlikely to be impressed to know that you are openly looking for work, whilst still representing their company.

What are the benefits of the #OpenToWorkBanner?

Of course, as with everything, there are always pros and cons. There are some benefits to using the frame on your LinkedIn profile if you’re brave enough. If you do decide to use the banner, it will increase the likelihood of hearing from a recruiter. Whilst using this banner, you can specify the types of positions you are interested in, which in turn can help improve your job recommendations, matching your preferences so you can apply for jobs that are relevant to your profile.

Not only that, the #OpenToWork banner can help to connect you with people who can help. In choosing to let your LinkedIn network know that you are open to work, your community may be able to push you in the right direction of job postings and more, making the banner beneficial to you.

Our thoughts on the #OpenToWork banner

Here at Cooper Recruitment, our team of specialists have a world of experience in recruitment, so they know a thing or two about what to do and what not to do. So, what are our thoughts on the #OpenToWork banner, and do we think you should use it on your profile?

One of our recruiters, Gemma gave her thoughts on the banner:

“Overall, the #OpenToWork banner is a positive move on LinkedIn and not something job seekers should be afraid of. It shows agencies like us that you are ready for a new challenge and looking for career growth. It can streamline the search process by putting your profile on our radar as someone actively looking for work. It’s a game changer for the recruitment industry as it allows us to connect with those who are actively applying, making the process smoother and more efficient for everyone.”

So, if you’re looking for work, there is no reason to shy away from the #OpenToWork banner on LinkedIn. It may even help you to take the next step on your career path and land you your dream job as recruiters know you are actively looking. However, if you’re struggling with the whole process and feel like you need more help, then look no further than Cooper Recruitment. We have a fantastic team who can help you find your perfect position with complete ease, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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